Title Naphthalenediimide polymers with finely tuned in-chain p-conjugation: Electronic structure, film microstructure, and charge transport properties
Date 02.11.2016
Number 52394
Abstract Naphthalenediimide-based random copolymers (PNDI-TVTx) with different p-conjugated dithienylvinylene (TVT) versus p-nonconjugated dithienylethane (TET) unit ratios (x = 100·0%) are investigated. The PNDI-TVTx-transistor electron/hole mobilities are affected differently, a result rationalized by molecular orbital topologies and energies, with hole mobility vanishing but electron mobility decreasing only by ˜2.5 times when going from x = 100% to 40%.
Publisher Advanced Materials
Citation Advanced Materials 28 (2016) 9169-9174
Authors Erdmann, T. ; Fabiano, S. ; Milián-Medina, B. ; Hanifi, D. ; Chen, Z. ; Berggren, M. ; Gierschner, J. ; Salleo, A. ; Kiriy, A. ; Voit, B. ; Facchetti, A.

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