Title Calculation of debonding strength at the interface of particles with different shapes and matrix
Date 01.05.2017
Number 50922
Abstract The debonding process at the interface of filler-matrix is studied. The relevance of this process lays in its triggering effect of toughening mechanisms in polymer based composites. Based on a micromechanical model, a general approach of the debonding condition was derived. The proposed expression was applied for different particle shapes: spherical, ellipsoid, cubic, rectangular and fiber. Results of debonding strength versus geometric parameters of the different particles showed that oblate ellipsoids and cubic particles can be easily analyzed as spherical filler.
Publisher Composite Structures
Identifier 0
Citation Composite Structures 167 (2017) 262-270
Authors Perez, E. ; Lauke, B.
Tags polymer-matrix composites (pmcs) debonding interface/interphase analytical modeling

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