Title Investigation of the thermoelectric powder factor of KOF-treated PEDOT:PSS dispersions for pronting applications
Date 29.01.2016
Number 49161
Abstract In this work, we have successfully shown the modification of PEDOT:PSS PH1000 and SV3 with KOH before film formation. The thermoelectric properties were investigated by Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity measurements as well as UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. It could be shown that the Seebeck coefficient can be adjusted by changing the pH value of PEDOT:PSS dispersions (see Figures 8 and 10). It is assumed that the change of the pH value to alkaline conditions leads to deprotonation of PEDOT chains which is equivalent to their dedoping, which could be observed in UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. XPS measurements confirm dedoping of PEDOT chains occurring upon addition of KOH. Furthermore, they show reduction of intensity as well as narrowing of S 2p signal of RSO3- group which may be explained by dissociation of a part of PSS component from PEDOT:PSS complex occurring upon addition of base leading to enrichment of the topmost layer with the PEDOT component. Due to the KOH treatment, the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity varying between 15 µV/K and 90 µV/K and 11 kS/m and 0.02 S/m, respectively. The modified material was subsequently dispenser-printed into a fully flexible polymer unileg-TEG strips with 61 unicouples. The printed unileg-TEG shows high internal resistance of approx. 7 kO resulting in a low power output of ~ 100 nW (at 90 K). However, the results presented here are promising in terms of easy and up scalable processing for flexible TEG manufacturing. Challenges like the electrical contact resistance of polymer-metal interfaces, as well as the polymer material properties itself has to be improved though.
Publisher Energy Harvesting and Systems
Citation Energy Harvesting and Systems 3 (2016) 101-111
Authors Stepien, L. ; Roch, A. ; Schlaier, S. ; Dani, I. ; Kiriy, A. ; Simon, F. ; Lukowicz, M. v. ; Leyens, C.
Tags flexible intrinsically conducting polymer pedot:pss power factor printing de-doping thermoelectric generator base ph-value

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