Title Stability of colloidal silver nanoparticles trapped in liquid bilayer: effect of lecithin concentration and applied temperature
Date 31.12.2014
Number 45322
Abstract The use of silver nanoparticle on various substrates has been widespread because of its good antibacterial properties that directly depend on the stability of the silver nanoparticles in a colloidal suspension. In this study, the colloidal solutions of the silver nanoparticles were synthesised by a simple and safe method by using lecithin as a stabilising agent and their stability was examined at various temperatures. The effect of the lecithin concentrations on the stability of the synthesised silver nanoparticles was examined from 25 to 80°C at 5°C intervals, by recording the changes in the UV–vis absorption spectra, the hydrodynamic diameter and the light scattering intensity of the silver nanoparticles. In addition, the morphology of the synthesised silver nanoparticles was investigated with the low-voltage scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The results indicated that increasing temperature caused different changes in the size of the stabilised and the unstabilised silver nanoparticles. The size of the stabilised silver nanoparticles reduced from 38 to 36 nm during increasing temperature, which confirmed good stability.
Publisher IET nanobiotechnology / The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Citation IET nanobiotechnology / The Institution of Engineering and Technology 8 (2014) 282-289
Authors Barani, H. ; Montazer, M. ; Braun, H.-G. ; Dutschk, V.
Tags nanofabrication suspensions light scattering nanoparticles antibacterial activity lipid bilayers ultraviolet spectra silver biomedical materials nanomedicine visible spectra scanning electron microscopy colloids transmission electron microscopy

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