Authors Erdmann, T. ; Back, J. ; Tkachov, R. ; Ruff, A. ; Voit, B. ; Ludwigs, S. ; Kiriy, A.
Title Dithienosilole-based all-conjugated block copolymers synthesized by a combination of quasi-living kumada and negishi catalyst-transfer polycondensations
Date 15.08.2014
Number 43963
Abstract Herein, we present a quasi-living Negishi-type catalyst-transfer polycondensation of a zinc–organic DTS-based monomer which provides an access to narrowly distributed poly(4,4-bis(2-ethylhexyl)dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]silole (PDTS) with controlled molecular weight. The synthesis of well-defined all-conjugated diblock copolymers containing a PDTS block was accomplished by a combination of Kumada and Negishi catalyst-transfer polycondensations (KCTP and NCTP, respectively). Particularly, it was shown that living P3HT chains obtained by KCTP of magnesium–organic thiophene-based monomer efficiently initiate NCTP of zinc–organic DTS-based monomer. The purity of the DTS-based monomer was found to be a crucial factor for achieving a clean chain-growth polymerization process. A combination of physico-chemical methods was used to prove the success of the block copolymerization.
Publisher Polymer Chemistry
Citation Polymer Chemistry 5 (2014) 5383-5390
Tags chain-growth polymerization field-effect transistors regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) naphthalene diimide universal method polymers mobility diblock poly(p-phenylene) polythiophenes

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