Title Directed assembly of nanoparticles to isolated diatom valves using the non-wetting characteristics after pyrolysis
Date 05.08.2014
Number 40983
Abstract A novel strategy for a directed nanoparticle coupling to isolated Stephanopyxis turris valves is presented. After pyrolysis, the valves exhibit incomplete wetting due to their characteristic T-shaped profiles as a prerequisite for a regioselective coupling reaction. A micromanipulation system allows for precise handling and their immobilization onto an adhesive substrate and manipulation into arrays.
Publisher Nanoscale
Citation Nanoscale 6 (2014) 11637-11645
Authors Jantschke, A. ; Fischer, C. ; Hensel, R. ; Braun, H.-G. ; Brunner, E.
Tags thalassiosira-pseudonana silica morphogenesis marine diatom cell-walls biosilica surfaces biomineralization frustules nanocrystals microshells

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