Title Structure formation of ultrathin PEO films at solid interfaces - complex pattern formation by dewetting and crystallization
Date 13.02.2013
Number 36002
Abstract The direct contact of ultrathin polymer films with a solid substrate may result in thin film rupture caused by dewetting. With crystallisable polymers such as polyethyleneoxide (PEO), molecular self-assembly into partial ordered lamella structures is studied as an additional source of pattern formation. Morphological features in ultrathin PEO films (thickness < 10 nm) result from an interplay between dewetting patterns and diffusion limited growth pattern of ordered lamella growing within the dewetting areas. Besides structure formation of hydrophilic PEO molecules, n-alkylterminated (hydrophobic) PEO oligomers are investigated with respect to self-organization in ultrathin films. Morphological features characteristic for pure PEO are not changed by the presence of the n-alkylgroups.
Publisher International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Citation International Journal of Molecular Sciences 14 (2013) 3254-3264
Authors Braun, H.-G. ; Meyer, E.

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