Title Multifunctional films composed of carbon nanotubes and cellulose regenerated from alkaline/urea solution
Date 08.08.2013
Number 35263
Abstract Multifunctional carbon nanotube (CNT)–cellulose films were fabricated by dissolving cellulose and dispersing CNTs homogeneously in aqueous alkaline–urea solution. We found that the resulting composite films with 2–10 wt% CNTs have both normal flexible paper and conducting CNT characteristics, which show a volume resistivity that can be controlled over a wide range of 1.35–540 Ohm cm. The composite films achieved multifunctional sensing ability for monitoring stress–strain, temperature and humidity. Both the mechanical properties and thermal stabilities of the composite films with CNTs were enhanced. This work provided a novel and simple pathway to regenerate cellulose films with carbon nanotubes as multifunctional biomaterials for electronic, magnetic, semiconducting and biotechnological applications.
Publisher Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Citation Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (2013) 2161-2168
Authors Qi, H. ; Liu, J. ; Gao, S.-L. ; Mäder, E.

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