Title One-dimensional SAMs of (12-Pyrrol-1-yl-dodecyl)-phosphonic Acid Templated by Polyelectrolyte Molecules
Date 24.09.2007
Number 15313
Abstract We present a novel method for the fabrication of one-dimensional (1-D) self-assembled monolayers and multilayers (SAMs) of (12-pyrrol-1-yl-dodecyl)-phosphonic acid (Py-DPA) on various polar surfaces using polyelectrolyte nanostructures as positive templates. Particularly, we demonstrate that (i) patterns of aligned 1-D polycation structures on a poly(dimethylsiloxane) stamp can be prepared by moving a droplet of polycation solution along the surface; (ii) these patterns can be used as templates for the ordered assembly of Py-DPA in water where Py-DPA carries a charge opposite to the charge of the template; and (iii) Py-DPA SAMs can then be transferred onto mica or silicon wafers by a printing process. These nanostructures with a polymerizable pyrrole headgroup might be useful for the creation of electrically conductive patterns of conjugated polymers.
Publisher Langmuir
Citation Langmuir 23 (2007) 9287-9292
Authors Demidenok, K. ; Bocharova, V. ; Stamm, M. ; Jähne, E. ; Adler, H. J. ; Kiriy, A.
Tags self-assembled monolayers octadecylphosphonic acid dna nanowires alignment growth wire

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