Title Block Copolymer Nanoring Template
Date 30.08.2006
Number 14219
Abstract PMSE 329 - The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006 <br /><br />An exposure of the periodic array of the adsorbed Polysterene-poly4-vinylpyridine block copolymer micelles into acid water leads to the formation of the polymeric nanorings which can be selectively filled with the Prussian blue nanoparticles. The deposition is driven by a favored electrostatic interactions between partially protonated positively charged P4VP and negatively charged Prussian blue nanoparticles.
Publisher Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering
Citation Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 51 (2006) 589-590
Authors Bocharova, V. ; Kiriy, A. ; Synytska, A. ; Stamm, M.

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