Induced Reactive Preparation by Electrons

This is a new method for the production of functional thermoplastic materials (e.g. blends, composites/nanocomposites) with increased elongation at break, tensile strength and impact strength by the additive-free induction of chemical reactions in the melt mixing process by means of highly energetic electrons. This technology enables a fast as well as environmentally friendly modification of materials which may be adapted to suit to your requirements.

Material Characterization

  • Technology transfer of basic research 
  • On demand research of thermoplastic vulcanisates and composites
  • Individual modification of polymers supported by nano-particles and nano-clays
  • Improvement of energy efficiency due to new materials and techniques
  • More environmentally friendly due to the implementation of sustainable processes

Range of Services


    • Customer-specific counseling and identification of potentials for innovation
    • Extensive material analysis as well as project-related material- and process development
    • Training and further education services offered
    • Vocational training and qualification of professionals (master/doctorate)

Contact person

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