Elastomere Nanocomposites

Materials are more and more subject to conflicting complex requirements. The development of innovative elastomer high-performance composite materials (composites) is made possible due to the extensive expertise at the institute. It is, particularly due to new findings in the field of nanotechnology, possible to adjust the material properties of the elastomers in a desired manner and to reduce environmentally harmful impacts. This is done by means of the addition of carbon nanotubes, layered silicates and layered double hydroxides.

Material Characterization

  • Knowedge transfer of basic research into industrialised projects 
  • On demand research of high performance elastomer composites
  • Individual modification of elastomer nano-composites
  • Reduction of environmentally harmful impacts including with more efficient material characteristics

Range of Services

  • Research and development in joint research projects
  • Access to our industry-oriented application laboratory and our comprehensive material and surface analysis
  • Individual material development and -design
  • Advanced training courses as well as arranging for subject specialists
  • Vocational training and qualification of professionals (master/doctorate)

Contact person

Dr. Klaus Werner Stoeckelhuber
+49 (0)351 4658 579 +49 (0)351 4658 362

To summarise the key issues please download our fact sheet.