Authors Kraus, J. ; Müller-Buschbaum, P. ; Kuhlmann, T. ; Schubert, D.W. ; Stamm, M.
Title Confinement effects on the chain conformation in thin polymer films
Date 14.02.2000
Number 9000
Abstract The chain conformation of thin polymer films was investigated via diffuse neutron scattering. The samples consist of blend films of protonated and deuterated polystyrene spin coated onto glass substrates. A variation of the thickness of the blend films in a range of about 41 down to 0.66 times the radius of gyration $R_{ m g}$ of the chains in the bulk enables the determination of film thickness and confinement effects. With diffuse neutron scattering in a reflection geometry the chain conformation in thin polymer films with film thicknesses less than 20 nanometers could be investigated. With decreasing film thickness d below approximately 6 $R_{ m g}$ the in-plane dimension of the chains starts to increase which is caused by distortion of the chain conformation along the direction parallel and perpendicular to the surface of the film. This increase is quite significant below $d < R_{ m g}$ and can be compared to theoretical predictions and simulations.
Publisher Europhysics Letters
Citation Europhysics Letters 49 (2000) 210-216
Tags structure and morphology thickness polymers elastomers and plastics neutron scattering techniques (including small-angle scattering) monte-carlo simulation neutron-scattering static properties dynamics geometry melts walls

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