Authors Bogoeva-Gaceva, G. ; Janevski, A. ; Mäder, E.
Title Characterization of a maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene as an adhesion promoter for glass fiber composites
Date 27.01.2000
Number 8560
Abstract Isothermal and nonisothermal crystallizations of isotactic polypropylene (iPP), maleic anhydride (MAH)-grafted PP, and MAH-modified iPP were studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), to evaluate the influence of a small amount of MAH-grafted PP in iPP on its crystallization behavior. Isothermal crystallization was followed in the temperature range from 391 K to 403 K, and the rate constant and Avrami exponents were determined. Nonisothermal crystallization was carried out at different cooling rates (1-20 K/min). It was found that the crystallization kinetics of iPP was significantly altered by modification with the MAH-grafted polymer. A decreased equilibrium melting temperature, as well as decreased surface energy of folding and critical dimensions of a growing nucleus, was determined for the MAH-modified iPP, indicating faster growth of lamellae and a higher rate of crystallization. The improved nucleation ability of the modified polymer was shown to cause a shift in the crystallization peak temperature towards higher values (from 393.7 K to 399.6 K, at a cooling rate of 1 K/min), resulting in crystal structures less disposed to recrystallization. Model composites of iPP and MAH-modified iPP with glass fibers were also analysed. The apparent shear strength of single-fiber model composites with MAH-modified iPP was drastically increased compared with homo-iPP.
Publisher Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Citation Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 14 (2000) 363-380

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