Authors Kalz, E. ; Vuijk, H. ; Abdoli, I. ; Sommer, J.-U. ; Löwen, H. ; Sharma, A.
Title Collisions enhance self-diffusion in odd-diffusive systems
Date 25.08.2022
Number 60203
Abstract It is generally believed that collisions of particles reduce the self-diffusion coefficient. Here we show that in odd-diffusive systems, which are characterized by diffusion tensors with antisymmetric elements, collisions surprisingly can enhance the self-diffusion. In these systems, due to an inherent curving effect, the motion of particles is facilitated, instead of hindered by collisions leading to a mutual rolling effect. Using a geometric model, we analytically predict the enhancement of the self-diffusion coefficient with increasing density. This counterintuitive behavior is demonstrated in the archetypal odd-diffusive system of Brownian particles under Lorentz force. We validate our findings by many-body Brownian dynamics simulations in dilute systems.
Publisher Physical Review Letters
Citation Physical Review Letters 129 (2022) Article Number: 090601

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