Authors Wu, Y. ; Lu, C. ; Pan, N. ; Zhang, M. ; An, Y. ; Xu, M. ; Zhang, L. ; Guo, Y. ; Tan, L.
Title Serum lactate dehydrogenase activities as systems biomarkers for 48 types of human diseases
Date 31.12.2021
Number 59988
Abstract Most human diseases are systems diseases, and systems biomarkers are better fitted for diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment monitoring purposes. To search for systems biomarker candidates, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), a housekeeping protein expressed in all living cells, was investigated. To this end, we analyzed the serum LDH activities from 172,933 patients with 48 clinically defined diseases and 9528 healthy individuals. Based on the median values, we found that 46 out of 48 diseases, leading by acute myocardial infarction, had significantly increased (p·<·0.001), whereas gout and cerebral ischemia had significantly decreased (p·<·0.001) serum LDH activities compared to the healthy control. Remarkably, hepatic encephalopathy and lung fibrosis had the highest AUCs (0.89, 0.80), sensitivities (0.73, 0.56), and specificities (0.90, 0.91) among 48 human diseases. Statistical analysis revealed that over-downregulation of serum LDH activities was associated with blood-related cancers and diseases. LDH activities were potential systems biomarker candidates (AUCs·>·0.8) for hepatic encephalopathy and lung fibrosis.
Publisher Scientific Reports
Citation Scientific Reports 11 (2021) 12997

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