Authors Mitrofanov, A. ; Weiss, N. ; Prudnikau, A. ; Di Stasio, F. ; Hübner, R. ; Dominic, A. M. ; Borchert, K. ; Lesnyak, V. ; Eychmüller, A.
Title Near-infrared-emitting CdxHg1-xSe-based core/shell nanoplatelets
Date 21.09.2021
Number 59970
Abstract The anisotropy in semiconductor nanoplatelets (NPLs) is reflected in the anisotropy of their crystal structure and organic ligand shell, which can be used for creating new semiconductor heterostructures. This work demonstrates the synthesis of core/shell NPLs containing zero-dimensional (0D) CdxHg1–xSe domains embedded in CdSe NPLs via cation exchange. The strategy is based on the different accessibility of definite regions of the NPLs for incoming cations upon time-limited reaction conditions. The obtained heterostructures were successfully overcoated with a CdyZn1–yS shell preserving their two-dimensional (2D) morphology. The NPLs exhibit bright photoluminescence in the range of 700–1100 nm with quantum yields up to 55%, thus making them a prospective material for light-emitting applications in the near-infrared spectral range.
Publisher Chemistry of Materials
Citation Chemistry of Materials 33 (2021) 7693-7702

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