Authors Vorobyeva, E. ; Lissel, F. ; Salanne, M. ; Lukatskaya, M.R.
Title Bottom-up design of configurable oligomer-derived conducting metallopolymers for high-power electrochemical energy storage
Date 21.09.2021
Number 59947
Abstract In this Perspective, we sketch out a vision of fast charging and self-healable energy systems that are primarily organic, feature only abundant elements, and operate with ions other than lithium. Using conductive oligomers as highly configurable building blocks, it is possible to create intrinsically adaptable conductive polymeric networks that can be rejuvenated and recycled using simple and safe chemical treatments. Using the versatile organic chemistry toolbox, these oligomers can be further functionalized, for example, with redox-active side chains for high charge storage capacity and ligands capable of complexing metal centers. Cross-linking with metal ions converts the soluble oligomers into insoluble supramolecular networks to yield high-performing electrode materials. The oligomer-based approach can thus provide an exceptional level of control to the design of organic-based battery materials.
Publisher ACS Nano
Citation ACS Nano 15 (2021) 15422-15428

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