Authors Abzan, M. S. ; Mirzaee, R. ; Ahmadi, S. ; Karimpour-Motlagh, N. ; Khonakdar, H. A.
Title Affected polymer layer and thermo-mechanical behavior correlation in nylon-6/polycarbonate/graphene-oxide nanocomposites: a quantitative study of polymorphism
Date 24.09.2021
Number 59688
Abstract The localization of Graphene-Oxide nanoparticles (GONs) in Nylon-6/Polycarbonate/GONs nanocomposites was systematically scrutinized from thermodynamic (Wettability Coefficient and Characteristic Ratio) and kinetic (two melt-mixing sequences) viewpoints. The simultaneous adsorption of N6 and PC chains on the GO surface manipulates the molecular dynamics of the adsorbed N6 chains. This retardation of molecular dynamics was observed through measuring ·Tg of N6 by DMA and the content of such immobilized chains was calculated by TGA. Then, the investigation of the affected polymer layer including immobilized and frustrated chains on the polymorphism by the deconvoluted WAXD coupled to DSC thermographs delineates the former acts as ·-nuclei and the latter promotes the ·-phase crystallites. Furthermore, the increase in elongation at break by 24.2 % in the nanocomposite is attributed to compatibilization of GONs, enhanced mobility of ·-form polymorphism compared to a-type crystallite and the hierarchical structure of chain bound clusters.
Publisher Thermochimica Acta
Wikidata Q108866625
Citation Thermochimica Acta 703 (2021) 178995

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