Authors Pornhagen, D. ; Schneider, K. ; Stommel, M.
Title Material parametrization of natural rubber based compound and characterization of crack propagation under consideration of dissipative effects
Date 01.06.2021
Number 59554
Abstract Most concepts to characterize crack propagation were developed for elastic materials. When applying these methods to elastomers, the question is how the inherent energy dissipation of the material affects the cracking behavior. This contribution presents a numerical analysis of crack growth in natural rubber taking energy dissipation due to the visco-elastic material behavior into account. For this purpose, experimental tests were first carried out under different load conditions to parameterize a Prony series as well as a Bergström–Boyce model with the results. The parameterized Prony series was then used to perform numerical investigations with respect to the cracking behavior. Using the FE-software system ANSYS and the concept of material forces, the influence and proportion of the dissipative components were discussed.
Publisher Journal of Rubber Research
Citation Journal of Rubber Research 24 (2021) 201-209

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