Authors Besford, Q.A. ; Yong, H. ; Merlitz, H. ; Christofferson, A.J. ; Sommer, J.-U. ; Uhlmann, P. ; Fery, A.
Title FRET-integrated polymer brushes for spatially resolved sensing of changes in polymer conformation
Date 19.07.2021
Number 59530
Abstract FRET chemistry was integrated within stimuli-responsive polymer brush layers on planar substrates for spatial sensing of changing polymer conformations. Sensing was demonstrated for a variety of liquid mixture compositions, including high-resolution observation of lateral differences in polymer conformation at immiscible liquid interfaces (see picture), thus offering great potential to be leveraged for new surface-based sensing devices.
Publisher Angewandte Chemie
Citation Angewandte Chemie 133 (2021) 16736-16742

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