Authors Jariyavidyanont, K. ; Janke, A. ; Tariq, M. ; Di Lorenzo, M.L. ; Schick, C. ; Androsch, R.
Title Thermal stability and nucleation efficacy of shear-induced pointlike and shishlike crystallization precursors
Date 13.05.2021
Abstract The different thermal stabilities of shear-induced pointlike and shishlike crystallization precursors of polyamide 11, generated in a parallel-plate rheometer and coexisting in the same sample, were quantified by hot-stage microscopy, by performing self-seed crystallization experiments. Crystals formed at low supercooling of the melt from these different types of precursors melt at about the same temperature. Annealing of the melt at different temperatures for a predefined time revealed dissolution/disordering of these precursors at 10–15 K higher temperature, near the equilibrium melting point. Despite their similar thermal stabilities, pointlike and shishlike crystallization precursors exhibit distinctly different nucleation efficacies. Under identical crystallization conditions, shishlike precursors cause faster crystallization than pointlike crystal nuclei. The faster crystallization of the shishlike nuclei can be explained, for example, by (a) the larger size of the shishlike precursors, providing numerous nucleation sites; (b) the more perfect chain conformation at the shish surface, which serves as a substrate for crystallization; or perhaps (c) the higher local orientation of the surrounding melt compared with molecular segments near pointlike nuclei, reducing the activation energy for crystallization.
Journal ACS Macro Letters 10 (2021) 684-689

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