Authors Sambale, A. K. ; Stanko, M. ; Emde, J. ; Stommel, M.
Title Characterisation and FE modelling of the sorption and swelling behaviour of polyamide 6 in water
Date 04.05.2021
Number 59456
Abstract Polyamide 6 (PA6) is known to absorb water from its environment due to its chemical structure. This water absorption leads to a change in the mechanical properties as well as an increase in volume (swelling) of the polyamide. In the present work, the sorption and swelling behaviour of polyamide 6 in different conditioning environments was experimentally investigated on different part geometries to develop a finite element (FE) method on the basis of the measured data that numerically calculates the sorption and swelling behaviour. The developed method includes two analyses using the Abaqus software. Both the concentration-dependent implementation of the simulation parameters and the calculation of swelling-induced stresses are performed. This enables the modelling of the sorption curves until maximum saturation is reached and the simulation of the characteristic S-shaped swelling curves. Therefore, the developed methodology represents an efficient method for predicting the sorption and swelling behaviour of polyamide 6 parts during conditioning in a water bath. The determined properties provide the basis for the development of an FE-based simulation environment to take moisture absorption into account during the part design. This enables the calculation of moisture-induced swelling processes and the resulting initial stresses in a given part
Publisher Polymers
Citation Polymers 13 (2021) 1480
Tags polyamide 6 water sorption moisture-induced swelling concentration-dependent diffusion coefficients fe modelling

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