Authors Horn, C. ; Ihmann, S. ; Müller, F. ; Pospiech, D. ; Borchert, K. ; Hommel, R. ; Qin, K. ; Licha, K. ; Allertz, P. J. ; Drache, M.
Title Design of polymer-embedded heterogeneous fenton catalysts for the conversion of organic trace compounds
Date 26.05.2021
Number 59444
Abstract Advanced oxidation processes are the main way to remove persistent organic trace compounds from water. For these processes, heterogeneous Fenton catalysts with low iron leaching and high catalytic activity are required. Here, the preparation of such catalysts consisting of silica-supported iron oxide (Fe2O3/SiOx) embedded in thermoplastic polymers is presented. The iron oxide catalysts are prepared by a facile sol–gel procedure followed by thermal annealing (calcination). These materials are mixed in a melt compounding process with modified polypropylenes to stabilize the Fe2O3 catalytic centers and to further reduce the iron leaching. The catalytic activity of the composites is analyzed by means of the Reactive Black 5 (RB5) assay, as well as by the conversion of phenol which is used as an example of an organic trace compound. It is demonstrated that embedding of silica-supported iron oxide in modified polypropylene turns the reaction order from pseudo-first order (found for Fe2O3/SiOx catalysts), which represents a mainly homogeneous Fenton reaction, to pseudo-zeroth order in the polymer composites, indicating a mainly heterogeneous, surface-diffusion-controlled process.
Publisher Processes
Citation Processes 9 (2021) 942

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