Authors Reis, B. ; Gerlach, N. ; Steinbach, C. ; Carrasco, K. H. ; Oelmann, M. ; Schwarz, S. ; Müller, M. ; Schwarz, D.
Title A complementary and revised view on the N-acylation of chitosan with hexanoyl chloride
Date 26.08.2021
Number 59386
Abstract The modification of the biobased polymer chitosan is a broad and widely studied field. Herein, an insight into the hydrophobization of low-molecular-weight chitosan by substitution of amino functionalities with hexanoyl chloride is reported. Thereby, the influence of the pH of the reaction media was investigated. Further, methods for the determination of the degree of substitution based on 1H-NMR, FTIR, and potentiometric titration were compared and discussed regarding their accuracy and precision. 1H-NMR was the most accurate method, while FTIR and the potentiometric titration, though precise and reproducible, underlie the influence of complete protonation and solubility issues. Additionally, the impact of the pH variation during the synthesis on the properties of the samples was investigated by Cd2+ sorption experiments. The adjusted pH values during the synthesis and, therefore, the obtained degrees of substitution possessed a strong impact on the adsorption properties of the final material.
Publisher Marine Drugs
Citation Marine Drugs 19 (2021) 385

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