Authors Preda, N. ; Costas, A. ; Lilli, M. ; Sbardella, F. ; Scheffler, C. ; Tirillò, J. ; Sarasini, F.
Title Functionalization of basalt fibers with ZnO nanostructures by electroless deposition for improving the interfacial adhesion of basalt fibers/epoxy resin composites
Date 01.10.2021
Number 59306
Abstract Basalt fibers were functionalized by ZnO electroless deposition for obtaining a nanostructured interphase for enhancing the interfacial strength with an epoxy resin matrix. The structural, morphological and wetting properties of the pristine basalt fabrics and ZnO-coated basalt fabrics were evaluated. The fabrics were uniformly coated with ZnO nanostructures featuring a wurtzite structure and a twin hexagonal prism morphology. The contact angle measurements revealed that ZnO prisms transformed the hydrophilic basalt fabric into a hydrophobic one (~130°). ZnOs were also grown on the basalt fibers as yarns to evaluate their interfacial adhesion by single fiber pull-out tests. The results emphasize significant improvement in the apparent interfacial shear strength (~42%) with limited degradation of the pristine basalt fiber tensile strength (a reduction of ~ 17%). Therefore, ZnO electroless deposition can be regarded as an effective route to improve the mechanical performance of basalt/epoxy composites expanding their potential range of applications as structural materials.
Publisher Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
Citation Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 149 (2021) 106488

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