Authors Wang, X. ; Moreno, S. ; Boye, S. ; Wen, P. ; Zhang, K. ; Formanek, P. ; Lederer, A. ; Voit, B. ; Appelhans, D.
Title Feedback-induced and oscillating pH regulation of a binary enzyme-polymersomes system
Date 20.08.2021
Number 59263
Abstract The stimuli-triggered regulating ability is a basic characteristic of biological systems, and it is always cyclic in nature. To mimic this stimuli-triggered regulation process for the construction of artificial cellular structures and functions is a challenge. Here, we present the development of artificial organelles system (AOS) with stimuli-trigged regulation ability consisting of the coexisting glucose oxidase-(GOx)-loaded pH-responsive polymersomes A (GOx-Psomes A) and urease-loaded pH-responsive polymersomes B (Urease-Psomes B) with orthogonal-responsive membranes. The addition of chemical fuels triggers the out-of-equilibrium state of AOS at which the pH decreases (glucose as fuel) or increases (urea as fuel). The pH change results in the catalytic “on” or “off” switch of GOx-Psomes A and Urease-Psomes B at different states due to their different pH responsiveness. Thus, this AOS with feedback-induced and oscillating pH-regulating ability paves the way for the construction of artificial eukaryotic cell biomimetics with controlled communications and metabolism mimicking.
Publisher Chemistry of Materials
Wikidata Q110208763
Citation Chemistry of Materials 33 (2021) 6692-6700

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