Authors Metsch, P. ; Romeis, D. ; Kalina, K. A. ; Raßloff, A. ; Saphiannikova, M. ; Kästner, M.
Title Magneto-mechanical coupling in magneto-active elastomers
Date 17.01.2021
Number 59232
Abstract In the present work, the magneto-mechanical coupling in magneto-active elastomers is investigated from two different modeling perspectives: a micro-continuum and a particle–interaction approach. Since both strategies differ significantly in their basic assumptions and the resolution of the problem under investigation, they are introduced in a concise manner and their capabilities are illustrated by means of representative examples. To motivate the application of these strategies within a hybrid multiscale framework for magneto-active elastomers, their interchangeability is then examined in a systematic comparison of the model predictions with regard to the magneto-deformation of chain-like helical structures in an elastomer surrounding. The presented results show a remarkable agreement of both modeling approaches and help to provide an improved understanding of the interactions in magneto-active elastomers with chain-like microstructures
Publisher Materials (Open Access)
Citation Materials (Open Access) 14 (2021) 434

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