Authors Banerjee, S. ; Ghorai, A. ; Roy, S. ; Voit, B.
Title Preparation of high-performance polymers by click chemistry and their membrane-based application
Date 31.12.2020
Number 59196
Abstract Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 64 first focuses on the fluorescence detection or imaging of cupric ions by synthetic fluorescent probes. Major literature reports in the field of small molecules as fluorescent sensors for the detection of Cu2+ ions since 2011 till date are discussed. The authors provide a general overview of different types of click polymerizations and their membrane applications as high-performance polymers, with a special emphasis on the recent developments of CuAAC click polymerizations in their laboratory in the field of proton exchange membranes. Lastly, the latest achievements and prospects for applying the CuAAC reaction in the synthesis of biologically active steroids and triterpenoids are discussed. Steroids and triterpenoids are available and promising initial materials for the CuAAC reaction due to their wide biological activity, structural diversity, and abundance in nature. Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 64 ISBN 978-1-53618-568-3
Publisher Nova Science Publishers
Citation Nova Science Publishers 2020 (2020)

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