Authors Uribe-Gomez, J. ; Posada-Murcia, A. ; Shukla, A. ; Ergin, M. ; Constante, G. ; Apsite, I. ; Dulle, M. ; Schwarzer, M. ; Caspari, A. ; Synytska, A. ; Salehi, S. ; Ionov, L.
Title Shape-morphing fibrous hydrogel/elastomer bilayers fabricated by a combination of 3D printing and melt electrowriting for muscle tissue regeneration
Date 26.01.2021
Number 59185
Abstract This paper reports an approach for the fabrication of shape-changing bilayered scaffolds, which allow the growth of aligned skeletal muscle cells, using a combination of 3D printing of hyaluronic acid hydrogel, melt electrowriting of thermoplastic polycaprolactone-polyurethane elastomer, and shape transformation. The combination of the selected materials and fabrication methods allows a number of important advantages such as biocompatibility, biodegradability, and suitable mechanical properties (elasticity and softness of the fibers) similar to those of important components of extracellular matrix (ECM), which allow proper cell alignment and shape transformation. Myoblasts demonstrate excellent viability on the surface of the shape-changing bilayer, where they occupy space between fibers and align along them, allowing efficient cell patterning inside folded structures. The bilayer scaffold is able to undergo a controlled shape transformation and form multilayer scroll-like structures with cells encapsulated inside. Overall, the importance of this approach is the fabrication of tubular constructs with a patterned interior that can support the proliferation and alignment of muscle cells for muscle tissue regeneration.
Publisher ACS Applied Bio Materials
Citation ACS Applied Bio Materials 4 (2021) 1720-1730

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