Authors Gopalan, P. ; Knight, S. ; Chanana, A. ; Stokey, M. ; Ranga, P. ; Scarpulla, M.A. ; Krishnamoorthy, S. ; Darakchieva, V. ; Galazka, Z. ; Irmscher, K. ; Fiedler, A. ; Blair, S. ; Schubert, M. ; Sensale-Rodriguez, B.
Title The anisotropic quasi-static permittivity of single-crystal beta-Ga2O3 measured by terahertz spectroscopy
Date 21.12.2020
Number 59160
Abstract The quasi-static anisotropic permittivity parameters of electrically insulating beta gallium oxide (ß-Ga2O3) were determined by terahertz spectroscopy. Polarization-resolved frequency domain spectroscopy in the spectral range from 200·GHz to 1·THz was carried out on bulk crystals along different orientations. Principal directions for permittivity were determined along crystallographic axes c and b and reciprocal lattice direction a*. No significant frequency dispersion in the real part of dielectric permittivity was observed in the measured spectral range. Our results are in excellent agreement with recent radio frequency capacitance measurements as well as with extrapolations from recent infrared measurements of phonon mode and high-frequency contributions and close the knowledge gap for these parameters in the terahertz spectral range. Our results are important for applications of ß-Ga2O3 in high-frequency electronic devices.
Publisher Applied Physics Letters
Citation Applied Physics Letters 117 (2020) 252103

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