Authors Tsurkan, M. ; Voronkina, A. ; Khrunyk, Y.Y. ; Wysokowski, M. ; Petrenko, I. ; Ehrlich, H.
Title Progress in chitin analytics
Date 15.01.2021
Number 59155
Abstract Chitin is the second most abundant biopolymer and functions as the main structural component in a variety of living organisms. In nature, chitin rarely occurs in a pure form, but rather as nanoorganized chitin-proteins, chitin-pigments, or chitin-mineral composite biomaterials. Although chitin has a long history of scientific studies, it is still extensively investigated for practical applications in medicine, biotechnology, and biomimetics. The complexity of chitin has required the development of highly sensitive analytical methods for its identification. These methods are crucial for furthering disease diagnostics as well as advancing modern chitin-related technologies. Here we provide a summary of chitin identification by spectroscopic (NEXAFS, FTIR, Raman, NMR, colorimetry), chromatographic (TLC, GC, HPLC), electrophoretic (HPCE), and diffraction methods (XRD, WAXS, SAXS, HRTEM-SAED). Biochemical and immunochemical (ELISA, immunostaining) methods are described with respect to their medical application. This review outlines the history as well as the current progress in the analytical methods for chitin identification.
Publisher Carbohydrate Polymers
Citation Carbohydrate Polymers 252 (2021) 117204

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