Authors Kühne, T. ; Au-Yeung, K.H. ; Eisenhut, F. ; Aiboudi, O. ; Ryndyk, D. ; Cuniberti, G. ; Lissel, F. ; Moresco, F.
Title STM induced manipulation of azulene-based molecules and nanostructures: the role of the dipole moment
Date 28.12.2020
Number 59141
Abstract Among the different mechanisms that can be used to drive a molecule on a surface by the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope at low temperature, we used voltage pulses to move azulene-based single molecules and nanostructures on Au(111). Upon evaporation, the molecules partially cleave and form metallo-organic dimers while single molecules are very scarce, as confirmed by simulations. By applying voltage pulses to the different structures under similar conditions, we observe that only one type of dimer can be controllably driven on the surface, which has the lowest dipole moment of all investigated structures. Experiments under different bias and tip height conditions reveal that the electric field is the main driving force of the directed motion. We discuss the different observed structures and their movement properties with respect to their dipole moment and charge distribution on the surface.
Publisher Nanoscale
Wikidata Q104284731
Citation Nanoscale 12 (2020) 24471-24476

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