Authors Khalil, A. ; Rostami, P. ; Auernhammer, G. ; Andrieu-Bunsen, A.
Title Mesoporous coatings with simultaneous light-triggered transition of water imbibition and droplet coalescence
Date 04.06.2021
Number 59135
Abstract A systematic study of gating water infiltration and condensation into ceramic nanopores by carefully adjusting the wetting properties of mesoporous films using photoactive spiropyran is presented. Contact angle measurements from the side reveal significant changes in wettability after irradiation due to spiropyran/merocyanine-isomerization, which induce a wetting transition from dry to wet pores. The change in wettability allows the control of water imbibition in the nanopores and is reflected by the formation of an imbibition ring around a droplet. Furthermore, the photoresponsive wettability is able to overcome pinning effects and cause a movement of a droplet contact line, facilitating droplet coalescence, as recorded by high-speed imaging. The absorbed light not only effectuates droplet merging but also causes flows inside the drop due to heat absorption by the spiropyran, which results in gradients in the surface tension. IR imaging and particle tracking is used to investigate the heat absorption and temperature-induced flows, respectively. These flows can be used to manipulate, for example, molecular movement inside water and deposition inside solid mesoporous materials and are therefore of great importance for nanofluidic devices as well as for future water management concepts, which include filtering by imbibition and collection by droplet coalescence.
Publisher Advanced Materials Interfaces
Citation Advanced Materials Interfaces (2021) early view 2100252

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