Authors Eggers, F. ; Almeida Jr., J.H.S. ; Lisbôa, T.V. ; Amico, S. C.
Title Creep and residual properties of filament-wound composite rings under radial compression in harsh environments
Date 31.12.2020
Number 59090
Abstract This work focuses on the viscoelastic response of carbon/epoxy filament-wound composite rings under radial compressive loading in harsh environments. The composites are exposed to three hygro-thermo-mechanical conditions: (i) pure mechanical loading, (ii) mechanical loading in a wet environment and (iii) mechanical loading under hygrothermal conditioning at 40 °C. Dedicated equipment was built to carry out the creep experiments. Quasi-static mechanical tests are performed before and after creep tests to evaluate the residual properties of the rings. The samples are tested in (i) radial compression, (ii) axial compression, and (iii) hoop tensile strength. Different laminates wound at off-axis orientations are manufactured via filament winding and analyzed. Key results show that creep displacement is affected by both hygrothermal and mechanical conditionings, especially at a higher temperature. Moreover, residual properties are quantified showing that creep generates permanent damage in the cylinders.
Publisher Polymers
Citation Polymers 13 (2020) Article Number: 33

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