Authors Cautela, J. ; Stenqvist, B. ; Schillén, K. ; Belic, D. ; Mansson, L.K. ; Hagemans, F. ; Seuss, M. ; Fery, A. ; Crassous, J.J. ; Galantini, L.
Title Supracolloidal atomium
Date 11.11.2020
Abstract Nature suggests that complex materials result from a hierarchical organization of matter at different length scales. At the nano- and micrometer scale, macromolecules and supramolecular aggregates spontaneously assemble into supracolloidal structures whose complexity is given by the coexistence of various colloidal entities and the specific interactions between them. Here, we demonstrate how such control can be implemented by engineering specially customized bile salt derivative-based supramolecular tubules that exhibit a highly specific interaction with polymeric microgel spheres at their extremities thanks to their scroll-like structure. This design allows for hierarchical supracolloidal self-assembly of microgels and supramolecular scrolls into a regular framework of “nodes” and “linkers”. The supramolecular assembly into scrolls can be triggered by pH and temperature, thereby providing the whole supracolloidal system with interesting stimuli-responsive properties. A colloidal smart assembly is embodied with features of center-linker frameworks as those found in molecular metal–organic frameworks and in structures engineered at human scale, masterfully represented by the Atomium in Bruxelles.
Journal ACS Nano 14 (2020) 15748-15756

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