Authors Lederer, A. ; Brandt, J.
Title Multi-detector size exclusion chromatorgraphy of polymers
Molecular Characterization of Polymers, Malik, M.; Mays, J.; Shah, M.R., ed.
Date 19.03.2021
Number 59026
Abstract Chapter 2 - Multidetector size exclusion chromatography of polymers<br /><br />Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is without doubt one of the most frequently used techniques for routine, but also in-depth analyses of polymers in solution. The true potential of SEC comes from the possibility to couple a broad variety of different detection methods, yielding information about size, molar mass, conformation but also chemical composition. Hyphenating appropriate detectors in various combinations comes with the additional benefit that detailed information about distributions in the respective properties is obtained. Such information is often required for deducing fundamental structure-property relations in the development of state-of-the-art polymer systems.<br />The present chapter discusses the most important detectors used online in SEC and is structured in two subchapters. In the first subchapter, physical detectors for the determination of absolute molar mass and conformation are reviewed. The second subchapter gives insights into chemical detectors that allow assessing the chemical heterogeneity in polymer systems.<br /><br />Molecular Characterization of Polymers: A Fundamental Guide<br />ISBN 978-0128197684
Publisher Elsevier
Citation Elsevier 2021 (2021) 61-96

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