Authors Zimmerer, C. ; Arnhold, K.
Title Reactive interphase formation and molecular characterization for designing reactive processing technology
Date 03.12.2020
Abstract Stable polymer composites require understanding of materials, their interphases and the development of ingenious, effective production process. The combination of technical molding processes and chemical reaction at polymer surfaces or interfaces is a promising strategy for processing. Bisphenol-A-based Polycarbonate (PC) is an often-used engineering material with excellent mechanical and optical properties but with a limited hydrophilicity and biocompatibility. A functionalization or a surface modification of PC offers a new kind of hybrid material design. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of interfacial reactions and interplay of processing parameters is needed. To extent the knowledge about PC modifications DSC in combination with FT-IR spectroscopy is applied to detect the formation of new functional groups as well as their intermolecular and intramolecular interactions within the interphase.
Journal AIP Conference Proceedings 2289 (2020) 020063

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