Authors Mostafaiyan, M. ; Wießner, S. ; Heinrich, G.
Title The moving least square aided finite element method (MLS-FEM): A powerful means to evaluate mixing phenomena in fully filled polymer mixing devices
Date 03.12.2020
Number 59011
Abstract The distributive mixing in the cross-section of an internal batch mixer has been numerically studied. For this purpose, a particle tracking method is employed to evaluate and save the path line and the strain rate history of each particle, using the velocity components at each time step. To evaluate the flow field parameters (i.e. the velocity components and the pressure values) in the internal mixer with two moving rotors, a code based on the finite element method (FEM) is developed. In this code, the moving least squares (MLS) interpolation functions are employed to enhance the finite element shape functions, in order to consider the flow domain (polymer melt) and the solid parts (the rotors) as a unique but discontinuous flow field. By implementing the MLS aided FEM (MLS-FEM), the time-consuming procedure of the mesh generation for each new position of the rotors is avoided, and the flow field parameters are calculated on a fixed background mesh. The reliability of the MLS aided FEM is then tested by comparing its results with those of a Lagrangian mesh finite element method with re-meshing procedure .
Publisher AIP Conference Proceedings
Citation AIP Conference Proceedings 2289 (2020) 020067

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