Authors Geisler, M. ; Plüschke, L. ; Merna, J. ; Lederer, A.
Title The role of solubility in thermal field-flow fractionation: A revisited theoretical approach for tuning the separation of chain walking polymerized polyethylene
Date 15.10.2020
Number 59008
Abstract The influence of the polymer solubility on the separation efficiency in thermal field-flow fractionation (ThFFF) was investigated for a polymer model system of differently branched chain walking polyethylenes in five different solvents, which were selected depending on their physical parameters. The understanding of polymer thermal diffusion has been elucidated using a revisited approach based on the latest thermal diffusion prediction model by Mes, Kok, and Tijssen combined with the Hansen solubility theory. Thereby, a significant improvement in the precision of the thermal diffusion prediction and the separation efficiency has been achieved by implementation of the temperature dependency on Hansen solubility parameters. In addition, we demonstrate a method for validation of the segmental size of polymer chains with varying topology by using the revisited thermal diffusion prediction approach in inverse mode and experimental thermal diffusion data.
Publisher Analytical Chemistry
Wikidata Q100571139
Citation Analytical Chemistry 92 (2020) 14822.14829

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