Authors Studzian, M. ; Dzialak, P. ; Pulaski, L. ; Hedstrand, D.M. ; Tomalia, D. A. ; Klajnert-Maculewicz, B.
Title Synthesis, internalization and visualization of N-(4-carbomethoxy) pyrrolidone terminated PAMAM [G5:G3-TREN] tecto(dendrimers) in mammalian cells dagger
Date 24.11.2020
Number 58994
Abstract Tecto(dendrimers) are well-defined, dendrimer cluster type covalent structures. In this article, we present the synthesis of such a PAMAM [G5:G3-(TREN)]-N-(4-carbomethoxy) pyrrolidone terminated tecto(dendrimer). This tecto(dendrimer) exhibits nontraditional intrinsic luminescence (NTIL; excitation 376 nm; emission 455 nm) that has been attributed to three fluorescent components characterized by different fluorescence lifetimes. Furthermore, it has been shown that this PAMAM [G5:G3-(TREN)]-N-(4-carbomethoxy) pyrrolidone terminated tecto(dendrimer) is able to form a polyplex with double stranded DNA, and is nontoxic for HeLa and HMEC-1 cells up to a concentration of 10 mg/mL, even though it accumulates in endosomal compartments as demonstrated by its unique NTIL emission properties. Many of the above features would portend the proposed use of this tecto(dendrimer) as an efficient transfection agent. Quite surprisingly, transfection activity could not be demonstrated in HeLa cells, and the possible reasons are discussed in the article
Publisher Molecules
Wikidata Q106282765
Citation Molecules 25 (2020) 4406

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