Authors Schirmer, L. ; Hoornaert, C. ; Le Blon, D. ; Eigel, D. ; Neto, C. ; Gumbleton, M. ; Welzel, P. ; Rosser, A. ; Werner, C. ; Ponsaerts, P. ; Newland, B.
Title Heparin-based, injectable microcarriers for controlled delivery of interleukin-13 to the brain
Date 01.09.2020
Number 58857
Abstract Interleukin-13 (IL-13) drives cells of myeloid origin towards a more anti-inflammatory phenotype, but delivery to the brain remains problematic. Herein, we show that heparin-based cryogel microcarriers load high amounts of IL-13, releasing it slowly. Intra-striatal injection of loaded microcarriers caused local up-regulation of ARG1 in myeloid cells for pro-regenerative immunomodulation in the brain.
Publisher Biomaterials Science
Wikidata Q99546670
Citation Biomaterials Science 8 (2020) 4997-5004

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