Authors Ganguly, D. ; Khanra, S. ; Goswami, D. ; Santra, A. ; Ghorai, U.K. ; Ghorai, S.K. ; Das, A. ; Sarkar, K. ; Chattopadhyay, S.
Title Controlling the mechanoadaptive properties of hydrogenated nitrile rubber by the incorporation of cementious based industrial waste for downhole application
Date 01.10.2020
Abstract This work aims to develop smart stimuli responsive composites utilizing hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR), fly ash (FA), and slag (SG) with white cement (WC). HNBR has been chosen by capitalizing its unique attributes of high temperature performance and high oil resistance as the matrix and coining the synergistic setting characteristics of FA and SG as industrial wastes with WC. The composites displayed synergism in mechanical and thermal properties. The calcium–rich phases of FA and SG, entice the postpolymerization modification of the rubber matrix in conjunction with cement serving as reactive fillers. The changes of modulus (~50·MPa), mass (~7%), volume (~8%), and hardness were observed upon repeated wet–dry cycles. These are attributed to the ionic interactions between the modified polymer matrix and cementitious phases as a result of postpolymerization conversion. These smart composite materials could be used for sealing and microfluidic valves for the downhole applications in oil field industries.
Journal Polymer Composites 41 (2020) 4397-4410

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