Authors Ruder, A. ; Wright, B. ; Peev, D. ; Feder, R. ; Kilic, U. ; Hilfiker, M. ; Schubert, E. ; Herzinger, C. M. ; Schubert, M.
Title Mueller matrix ellipsometer using dual continuously rotating anisotropic mirrors
Date 30.07.2020
Number 58744
Abstract We demonstrate calibration and operation of a single wavelength (660 nm) Mueller matrix ellipsometer in normal transmission configuration using dual continuously rotating anisotropic mirrors. The mirrors contain highly spatially coherent nanostructure slanted columnar titanium thin films deposited onto optically thick gold layers on glass substrates. Upon rotation around the mirror normal axis, sufficient modulation of the Stokes parameters of light reflected at oblique angle of incidence is achieved. Thereby, the mirrors can be used as a polarization state generator and polarization state analyzer in a generalized ellipsometry instrument. A Fourier expansion approach is found sufficient to render and calibrate the effects of the mirror rotations onto the polarized light train within the ellipsometer. The Mueller matrix elements of a set of anisotropic samples consisting of a linear polarizer and a linear retarder are measured and compared with model data, and very good agreement is observed. © 2020 Optical Society of America
Publisher Optics Letters
Citation Optics Letters 45 (2020) 3541-3544

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