Authors Aftenieva, O. ; Schnepf, M. J. ; Mehlhorn, B. ; König, T.
Title Tunable circular dichroism by photoluminescent moire gratings
Date 01.02.2021
Number 58686
Abstract In nanophotonics, there is a current demand for ultrathin, flexible nanostructures that are simultaneously easily tunable, demonstrate a high contrast, and have a strong response in photoluminescent polarization. In this work, the template–assisted self–assembly of water–dispersed colloidal core–shell quantum dots into 1D light–emitting sub–micrometer gratings on a flexible substrate is demonstrated. Combining such structures with a light–absorbing metallic counterpart by simple stacking at various angles results in a tunable Moiré pattern with strong lateral contrast. Furthermore, a combination with an identical emitter–based grating leads to a chiroptical effect with a remarkably high degree of polarization of 0.72. Such a structure demonstrates direct circular polarized photoluminescence, for the first time, without a need for an additional chiral template as an intermediary. The suggested approach allows for reproducible, large–area manufacturing at reasonable costs and is of potential use for chiroptical sensors, photonic circuit applications, or preventing counterfeit.
Publisher Advanced Optical Materials
Citation Advanced Optical Materials 9 (2021) 2001280

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