Authors Mytafides, C.K. ; Tzounis, L. ; Karalis, G. ; Formanek, P. ; Paipetis, A. S.
Title Fully printed and flexible carbon nanotube-based thermoelectric generator capable for high-temperature applications
Date 12.08.2021
Number 58685
Abstract In this study, a fully printed carbon nanotube (CNT) based Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) is successfully fabricated, which exhibits excellent flexibility and remarkable power output, capable of high-temperature operation up to 350 °C. The TEG device can be easily manufactured through ink printing processes of low-cost aqueous single wall carbon nanotube-based (SWCNT) ink with a mask-assisted design. The optimal SWCNT-based thermoelectric (TE) films fabricated on high-temperature resistant polyimide (Kapton) substrate exhibit a remarkable power factor of 493 µW/mK2 at ·· = 300 K, combined with excellent stability in air. The TEG device is capable to operate at temperatures up to 350 °C in ambient conditions (atmospheric pressure: 1 atm and relative humidity: 50 ± 5%). Together with exceptional stability and flexibility, the produced TEG exhibits thermoelectric performance values among the highest ever reported in the field of carbon-based and printed thermoelectric devices, with i.e. open-circuit voltage VOC = 1.11 V, short-circuit current ISC = 1.67 mA and internal resistance RTEG = 671 O at ·T = 300 K, generating a maximum power output (Pmax) of 461 µW. The proposed TEG device architecture is easily scalable, enabling large-scale printing manufacturing opportunities towards highly efficient, high-operating temperature, printed and flexible carbon-based TEGs.
Publisher Journal of Power Sources
Citation Journal of Power Sources 507 (2021) 230323

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