Authors Ye, J. ; Weichelt, R. ; Kemper, U. ; Gupta, V. ; König, T. ; Eychmüller, A. ; Seidel, R.
Title Casting of gold nanoparticles with high aspect ratios inside DNA molds
Date 17.09.2020
Number 58674
Abstract DNA nanostructures provide a powerful platform for the programmable assembly of nanomaterials. Here this approach is extended to synthesize rod–like gold nanoparticles in a full DNA controlled manner. The approach is based on DNA molds containing elongated cavities. Gold is deposited inside the molds using a seeded–growth procedure. By carefully exploring the growth parameters it is shown that gold nanostructures with aspect ratios of up to 7 can be grown from single seeds. The highly anisotropic growth is in this case controlled only by the rather soft and porous DNA walls. The optimized seeded growth procedure provides a robust and simple routine to achieve continuous gold nanostructures using DNA templating.
Publisher Small
Citation Small 16 (2020) 2003662

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