Authors Demydova, K. ; Horechyy, A. ; Meier-Haack, J. ; Malanin, M. ; Häußler, L. ; Stamm, M. ; Yevchuk, I. ; Demchyna, O.
Title Hybrid organic-inorganic materials on the basis of acrylic monomers and TEOS prepared by simultaneous UV-curing and sol-gel process
Date 14.04.2020
Abstract In this work cross-linked hybrid organic-inorganic membranes consisting of polymeric matrix functionalized with sulfonic groups and uniformly distributed silica domains have been successfully synthesized through in situ polymerization strategy via photo-initiated copolymerization of acrylic monomers (acrylonitrile AN, acrylamide AAm, 3-sulfopropyl acrylate potassium salt SPAK) and simultaneous formation of silica counterpart using TEOS-based sol-gel system. N,N´-methylenebis(acrylamide) (MBA) was used as a cross-linker. The ratio between monomers was maintained stable, whereas the amount of added sol-gel system was varied. The influence of inorganic component content on properties of hybrid polymer-inorganic membranes was investigated. Chemical composition, thermal properties, structure and morphology of the obtained hybrid membranes were investigated by ATR-FTIR, TGA, DSC, SEM and EFTEM. Proton conductivity of the synthesized membranes was high (7.6 to 13.5 mS/cm) and increases with an increase of silica content. The prepared membranes were thermally stable up to 90 °C, and exhibited proton conductivity and swelling coefficients sufficient for possible use as proton-conducting membranes.
Journal Journal of Physics Communications 27 (2020) ID88

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