Authors Dedova, S. ; Schneider, K. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Energy based characterization of fracture and fatigue behaviour of rubber in complex loading conditions
Constitutive Models for Rubber XI, Huneau et al., ed.
Date 11.07.2019
Number 56907
Abstract Elastomer materials are a group of materials with vicso-elastic properties. Due to these properties the energy dissipation occurs under loading process and leads to the dissipative heating. This effect has to be taken into account especially by the analysis of damaged material. The most of the concepts for tear fatigue analysis are based on the elastic material laws and do not take into account the dissipation effects. In the present study the dissipation effects are analysed from mechanical and thermo-dynamical point of view. The experiments were done under complex loading, to simulate the near realistic loading conditions. Correlations between multiaxial loading, mechanical work and thermal energy are discussed for not damaged and damaged specimen. <br /><br />Constitutive Models for Rubber XI: Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber (ECCMR 2019), June 25-27, 2019, Nantes, France<br />ISBN 978-0-367-34258-6
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Citation Taylor & Francis (2019) 363-367

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