Authors Shivers, J. ; Arzash, S. ; Sharma, A. ; MacKintosh, F. C.
Title Scaling theory for mechanical critical behavior in fiber networks
Date 03.06.2019
Number 56652
Abstract As a function of connectivity, spring networks exhibit a critical transition between floppy and rigid phases at an isostatic threshold. For connectivity below this threshold, fiber networks were recently shown theoretically to exhibit a rigidity transition with corresponding critical signatures as a function of strain. Experimental collagen networks were also shown to be consistent with these predictions. We develop a scaling theory for this strain-controlled transition. Using a real-space renormalization approach, we determine relations between the critical exponents governing the transition, which we verify for the strain-controlled transition using numerical simulations of both triangular lattice-based and packing-derived fiber networks.
Publisher Physical Review Letters
Citation Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) Article Number: 188003

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